Changing background music forever.

Ambiance Radio® is a completely new approach to business background music programming. Our system delivers constantly changing fully customized Soundtracks to each location, precisely tuned to their specific demographics, traffic volume, design characteristics and your "ambiance objectives" day by day, hour by hour.

Rigorous research undertaken at universities and labs throughout the world has PROVEN that THE RIGHT MUSIC will positively impact on your business environment – we call this the Science of Music®. By harnessing the full power of the Science, Ambiance Radio gently influences the attitudes and behaviors of your guests and your staff, often leading to improved metrics in all facets of your business.

Let Ambiance Radio craft a feature-rich, cost competitive service package for your business. There are no digital servers to buy or lease or satellite receivers to install; your Ambiance Radio subscription includes use of a reliable, fully-automatic. failsafe computerized Player and a limited Replacement Warranty all at no extra charge. And of course, our wide-ranging music library is 100% legal and we pay your ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and other performance rights fees.

Here is what you already know for sure: inappropriate, dull or repetitive music can be distracting to your guests and downright annoying to your staff. It might lead your patrons to leave perhaps too quickly and with an unnecessarily diminished impression of their experience, but for certain it doesn't help or improve the encounter. Here's what we know for sure: THE RIGHT MUSIC from Ambiance Radio can enhance every aspect of the experience for your guests, contribute to more positive interactions with staff and leave your customers with a positive and memorable impression that encourages them to speak highly of your establishment and to return soon.

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