The Ambiator® :
Applying the Science of Music® to your brand.

Ambiance Radio® has developed a highly sophisticated and proprietary system for matching the characteristics and "ambiance objectives" of each venue we serve with precisely THE RIGHT MUSIC, creating and delivering a unique soundtrack tuned for each hour of each day. The Ambiator® (patents pending) takes as its inputs specific details about your business and your objectives, applies the research-informed Science of Music® to create the right mix of music for each space every hour of every day and then outputs specific music from our vast and highly curated library to our failsafe Music Player. There is absolutely nothing "canned" or "mass" or "broadcast" about Ambiance Radio; yet using 21st century technology we can provide this remarkably customized service reliably and consistently for the same price or less than you are paying for your "canned" or "mass" or "broadcast" services.

Here is an abbreviated tour of how the system works.

The Ambiator® Profile

When you first sign up with Ambiance Radio, our Client Services Team will conduct an enlightening interview with the Brand Team or other knowledgeable persons to compile a detailed profile of each venue. The interview takes into account all manner of relevant factors, including your business sector, theme, customer demographics, location, size and seasonality factors among many others.

Completing the Ambiance Objective Grid

Next, the Ambiance Objectives Grid is completed. This interactive grid guides and informs the music programming on an hour by hour, day by day basis, ensuring that the custom soundtrack furnished by the Ambiator® is precisely tuned to the "affective" goals of the business at all times.

The Ambiator® (Patents Pending)

The Profile and Ambiance Objectives Grid are ingested by the Ambiator® which then matches the characteristics, parameters and objectives you've provided to the Science of Music® parameters. The Ambiator's layered adaptive reasoning processes first formulate sets of musical attributes which will achieve the various desired effects and then mines our deep, diverse library of extensively sonically and culturally analyzed music to identify precisely the right tracks to be played each hour of each day at each site. The Ambiator communicates every hour via your Broadband Internet connection with the Player in the venue, ensuring that each playlist stays fresh, appropriate and engaging even as ambiance objectives shift and certain relevant indirect factors naturally change.

The Ambiance Radio Player

Included in your subscription to our service is use of the Ambiance Radio Player, a highly sophisticated, single-purpose device that is connected to AC Power, your broadband Internet connection and your sound system. Fault-tolerant system architecture and custom failsafe software manages communication with the Ambiator®, management and protection of music and the playback itself. Operation of the Player is fully automatic—there is nothing for you or local staff to adjust, switch or control. Nothing could be easier, more reliable or less intrusive. A limited Replacement Warranty is also included.

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