What is the Science of Music®?

The Science of Music® is a vast body of heavily replicated and vetted academic and scientific research that includes surveys, observations and brain studies performed by distinguished experts the world over and confirmed by field experience. This research has proven that the right atmospheric music will positively impact your business. Ambiance Radio® is the first and only business background music provider to fully apply this body of research commercially.

Ambiance Radio applies the Science to each venue every hour of every day* to achieve such results as:

  • Make people feel good … and when they feel good, everything about their experience seems better
  • Reduce “waiting time” perception
  • Be an “instant remodel,” making older facilities seem fresh and new
  • Increase top line revenue
  • Improve staff attitudes and morale


In academic studies and field tests, Ambiance Radio’s application of the Science of Music has achieved these results and more. Every hour of every day at every site we serve, Ambiance Radio demonstrates the power of the Science and proves that THE RIGHT MUSIC will do so much more for your business than just fill a space with noise.

Contact your Ambiance Radio representative to find out more about the research behind the Science of Music® and to find out how it can be put to work for you.

1 Individual results will vary based on local conditions and specific applications of the Science.

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